SSRU targets severity driven Property risks with meaningful attachment points, often with US or international exposures.

Our syndicated line of CAD/USD 15M+ shields the Insured from counter-party exposure and ensures placement stability by protecting our capacity partners from volatility.

Concentrating on severity driven risk with meaningful attachment points and often with international exposure, SSRU provides a variety of Property products tailored to the individual client.

Backed by the specialist private equity investor B.P. Marsh & Partners PLC (LON:BPM), SSRU is owner-operated, committed to responsiveness and makes all underwriting decisions in-house.

Risk Appetite

Natural Resources

Onshore Oil & Gas

Upstream exploration & production including oil sands mining extraction and upgrading, in-situ processing, midstream storage and pipeline transportation, gas processing, downstream refining and distribution, and associated carbon capture.

Power Generation

Conventional power sources; renewables, distribution and limited transmission.


Pulp and Paper operations, highly protected sawmills, wood fuel pellet manufacturing.


Open cast and underground metal and mineral mining operations, including processing facilities.

Metal Manufacturing

Steel processing blast and arc furnace, aluminum processing.

Complex Property


School Boards, Municipalities, Infrastructure, Public Entity, Hospitals, Retail/Wholesale, Hospitality, Technology, Industrial/Manufacturing, Food Products, Transportation, Financial Services, Program Business and Specialty Programs.

Builders Risk & Specialty Construction


Commercial and industrial buildings. High rise residential buildings are non-target.


Infrastructure including roads, bridges, railways, storm and sewage systems.


Gas processing plants and storage, oil batteries, tank storage and pipelines, upgraders and refineries, hydro and fossil fuel generation, distribution and transmission, renewables (onshore), mining processing plants, and more.


  • Bespoke treaty with Canadian domiciled Reinsurance panel led by an A-rated Canadian owned Primary Insurer
  • CAD/USD 15M line
  • Capacity can be deployed on a Primary, Excess and/or Quota Share basis.
  • Policy term of 12-18 Months for Operational Property, 60 Months for Builder’s Risk
  • Boiler & Machinery available in conjunction with Property
  • Approved Broker Manuscript Forms
  • SSRU Custom Forms available

Risk Considerations

  • Target business will have revenues in excess of $100M
  • Minimum premium SSRU $25,000, net of commission


  • Dedicated staff coordinates all activity between broker, Insured, adjusters and carriers.
  • Contact: